Top 10 Celebrity Romances That Show That Black Love Is Alive And Strong

10 Celebrity Romances The Show The Black Love is Alive and Strong By: Princess Dominiko The term “black love” has gained traction in the past few years, due to the increasing desire for black people to not only date within their race but to truly and deeply love their blackness. [...]
swiss Beatz

Top 10 Celebrities Who Made the Best of the pandemic

The pandemic caused by the global spread of COVID-19 has been unforgiving to many. Whether it has been the loss of a job, the loss of love, the loss of everyday freedoms, or unfortunately the loss of actual life, these last two years have not been kind to the world as a whole. Ultimately, life is about balance and for every downfall someone or something tends to rise. [...]

DL Hughley’s Best Rants (video)

Dl Hughley is an amazing media figure who stands on his own two feet and doesnt back down. He speaks from the heart and at times has pissed people off and also made others rally around his points but the best thing about DL is that he does not allow himself to be a conformist or to portray a "dumbed down" black radio host on the air. He speaks his mind and he expertly does it with a hint of comedy. He is a modern day Dick Gregory. [...]

10 Bona Fide Steps To Become a DJ

10 Bona Fide Steps To Becoming a DJ The work of a DJ is dynamic and creative; he (or she) moves his audience and guides them towards a certain feeling with his music. [...]

Black Top 10s, The Culture Defined Seeks Submissions

Black Top 10s is proud to announce our new website [...]

Online Community College for an Associates Degree? Three Benefits

Online Community College is a Great Option It used to be that online community colleges or just community colleges were considered “subpar” by many university-bound students. However, that opinion has changed dramatically, as people began to realize the amazing opportunities and money-saving options afforded by the humble community college. Especially in this digital age, online community college courses have skyrocketed in popularity. [...]
P Valley

10 Reasons P Valley is Such a Great Show

P Valley Season 2 Dives Deeper into the abyss and darkness of the stripper world and for some, it's too much to handle but for others, it's a must-watch. Either way, it's a hit show for the Starz network and it targets several marginalized communities.

The Top 10 Black Music Industry Entrepreneurs

Quite often Black stars in the entertainment industry are defined and relegated to their music, acting and/or performance skills. People have marveled at the undeniable talents of artists like Sam Cooke, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, and a host of others, yet some of these artists, songwriters, and producers are also, even more, astute and highly significant businessmen and businesswomen. [...]

Top 10 Beautiful Celebs Who Celebrate Their 4C Kinks and Curls

10 Beautiful Celebs Who Celebrate Their 4C Kinks and Curls Natural hair care is trending more than ever amongst both black and white communities, alike. However, despite the record number of individuals showing off their natural tresses and curls, the people—individuals with 4c hair— who started this trend have seemingly become cast out of the growing online community through bullying. Nevertheless, a record number of black celebrities with 4C hair have decided to trash their wigs and weaves to show off their kinks and curls.  10. [...]

10 Great Benefits You Get with Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is an entertainment service that provides thousands of music streams, movies, TV shows, and digital programming along with rush delivery mail service on items for sale on the Amazon website. If you are currently subscribing to cable TV like Spectrum, in my opinion, you are probably wasting a ton of money. I got rid of cable TV with Spectrum, but I have an inexpensive internet subscription that allows me to watch thousands of movies and TV shows. Today let's talk about the benefits with Amazon Prime.