Top 10 Great Underrated Artists In the History of the Blues Origin

The Blues Origin in Music is often duplicated but always underrated by the creators. Here are some blues music examples of the undeniable blues music history in the blues music genre. Here we explore the history as well as modern blues songs.

Top 10 Great Black Female Singers in Groups from the 70’s

The 1970s was a Golden Age for R&B music especially for black female singers.  

10 Incredible Jazz Albums and Artists to Add to Your Collection

The Jazz Tree has deep roots that were planted in New Orleans around 1895 the year that Buddy Bolden started his first band. [...]

The Indisputable Top 10 Love Songs by Black Male Singers Sung to a Woman

The Indisputable Top 10 Love Songs by Black Male Singers Sung to a Woman

Life and Net Worth of Jay-Z

Shawn Corey Carter aka Jay-Z admittedly started his career on the riskier side of the road as a drug dealer in NYC yet he is the quintessential tale of the rags to riches story getting out of the streets and into the boardroom just in time. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images) It's no secret that the concepts of the drug dealer occupation mimic most legitimate entrepreneurial businesses. It boils down to supply and demand and if you have a product that people want ... they will come and you will make money. [...]


Just as much a consumers line up for the new Jordan's, people continue to line up to purchase the new iPhone. While some critics say, Apple hasn't been the same since the passing of Steve Jobs, others still marvel at the innovation or maybe just the master marketing behind introducing the new iPhone. Apple has now unveiled the iPhone 13 in a mini, standard, Pro, and Pro Max version. This phone is the new iteration in a long line of pocket computers we have all become obsessed with. [...]

10 Great Benefits You Get with Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is an entertainment service that provides thousands of music streams, movies, TV shows, and digital programming along with rush delivery mail service on items for sale on the Amazon website. If you are currently subscribing to cable TV like Spectrum, in my opinion, you are probably wasting a ton of money. I got rid of cable TV with Spectrum, but I have an inexpensive internet subscription that allows me to watch thousands of movies and TV shows. Today let's talk about the benefits with Amazon Prime.

10 Great Black YouTube Musicians

Below are ten of some of the greatest black YouTube musicians: In this current era where there are very many rising musicians, one would think that the music industry is oversaturated.

The Top 10 Black Music Industry Entrepreneurs

Quite often Black stars in the entertainment industry are defined and relegated to their music, acting and/or performance skills. People have marveled at the undeniable talents of artists like Sam Cooke, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, and a host of others, yet some of these artists, songwriters, and producers are also, even more, astute and highly significant businessmen and businesswomen. [...]

Top 10 Ways To Become an Expert in a Field

Become An Expert In A Field. A complicated process that does not magically unfold without deliberate actions. You must embrace an active approach that involves research, continuous learning, and modeling successful people's actions in your field. It takes prolonged dedication and determination to build credibility within a particular area, but you can succeed if you are prepared to work hard. Here are 10 steps to help you become an expert in your field or industry.  1. Develop a Plan The first thing you should do is make a detailed plan. [...]