Top 10 Black Horror Movies of All Time

Top 10 Black Horror Movies of All Time Black people take the spotlight within many areas in the film industry, such as action-packed thrillers, with the likes of Dwayne the Rock Johnson saving civilians in San Francisco, China, or the Amazon, from either giant monkeys or the razor-sharp bite of a hungry alligator; hit dramas with romantic encounters between dynamic duos like Issa Rae and Lakeith Stanfield or Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps, and of course comedies. [...]

Top Ten Highest Black Anime Characters

Who are the best Black anime characters and what is anime? Here we provide our black anime characters list and further explore. Anime has been seen winning over almost the whole world in recent years. With the world going into lockdown, it is not surprising that a lot of people were glued to various screens and found out or reconnected with the genre and world of anime altogether. Afro Samurai What is anime? Anime, which is derived from the English word 'animation' is defined as any work that is animated irrespective of its origin or style in Japan. [...]

10 African-American TV and Film Directors You Should Know

The legendary and pioneering Black author and filmmaker, Oscar Micheaux, who was the son of slaves, made over 40 films without the help of Hollywood. Many credit him as the quintessential director, who started it all for a long lineage of history making Black directors in the film and television industry. From the genius of the Hughes Brothers delivering inner-city tales like Menace II Society, Reginald Hudlin giving us the cult comedy classic, House Party and the forever mood of Black excellence with Boomerang, John Singleton, who is a legend among legends, Malcolm D. [...]