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black male singers

Top 10 Best Black Male Falsetto Singers of All Time

Below is a list of the top 11 black male falsetto singers you deserve to know: Whether it's modern indie rock, Motown, or soul, the falsetto technique of vocalizing has been popular across different genres. Some singers make use of their upper-register head voice to showcase power. Others do so to show vulnerability and fragility emotionally. Eddie Kendricks Michael Jackson - Falsetto Black Male Singers Born on the 29th of August 1958 and known as the ‘King of Pop’, Michael Jackson had a multitude of talents. [...]

Top 10 Great Black Female Singers in Groups from the 70’s

The 1970s was a Golden Age for R&B music especially for black female singers.  

Top 10 Great Black Male Singers in Groups from the 70s

For male singers in groups seeking recognition for their individuality, the 1970s was the decade to flourish. Every act had their own distinct sound and if they did not the listening public was spared.

Top 10 Great R&B Album Cuts That Should Have Been Singles

In the music business, many great R&B songs have been passed over for being selected as singles for many reasons. Prolific Los Angeles-based music journalist A. Scott Galloway takes a survey of ten key...

Top 10 Undeniable Black Female Singers from the 60s

The 60s was a very important decade in the field of music. This is when there was a rise in the introduction of various artists as well as genres that would be heard for...

10 Incredible Black Drummers That Changed Music Forever

Black drummers have been responsible for some of the most memorable moments in music history. From their very beginnings, they have pushed boundaries and set the tone for many genres, inspiring everyone to become...
love song

10 R&B Hits That Could Tie for the #1 Love Song

R&B Love songs have enchanted and enriched the ears and imaginations of music lovers the world over like no other genre.

Top 10 Great Underrated Artists In the History of the Blues Origin

The Blues Origin in Music is often duplicated but always underrated by the creators. Here are some blues music examples of the undeniable blues music history in the blues music genre. Here we explore the history as well as modern blues songs.

10 Most Popular Black Music Genres

The Black music genre has been a driving force in American culture for decades. From the blues to hip hop, black musicians have been shaping the sound of popular music since its inception. Today we will talk about black music genres.

10 Great Black YouTube Musicians

Below are ten of some of the greatest black YouTube musicians: In this current era where there are very many rising musicians, one would think that the music industry is oversaturated.

The Indisputable Top 10 Love Songs by Black Male Singers Sung to a Woman

The Indisputable Top 10 Love Songs by Black Male Singers Sung to a Woman

Top 10 Sacred Songs of Chicago House Music

Top 10 Sacred Songs of Chicago House Music Some of our best memories include the electronic sounds from this genre of music, whether it is the untz played in festivals or the rapid hi-hats heard in clubs. [...]

Top 10 Black Singers who are Absolute Beggars

There are some black singers who are undeniable and some who fit into a niche of singers. In this case, "Beggars"

Top 10 Best Music Apps

Top 10 Best Music App Remember when we all used to secretly download music online and fear the repercussions, the years we would spend rotting away in jail for that one download of “Umbrella” or “If I Ruled The World”? Because for me, it stands out vividly in my mind. However, thankfully, the times of “illegally” downloading songs are in the past. [...]