8 Things that will Most Likely Change after the Self Quarantine

We are in self quarantine while he universe is purging itself right now. Forcing all of us to sit back, relax and THINK about who we are, what we do, where we are going and if we are happy.Editor's Note: Almost a year ago, we wrote this story, were we Avoid it if you might but that alone time will get you every time. [...]

16 Great 90s Black Movies That We Watched Over and Over!

The 90's seemed to get it right. Many people consider the 90's the golden era for hip hop music but it also spawned quite a few black movies that would later become cult classics. We may not have known it then, but the 90's gave us some jewels. The Oscars may not have recognized these films for their genius but that didn't stop us from quoting every memorable line from these films. Here are 16 black films in no particular order that we watched over and over again. Which one was your favorite?Click Next For Film List16. [...]

10 African Americans Who Distinguished Themselves After Age 50

Some worry that if they don't achieve success by a certain age, they will never achieve it. Fortunately, these 10 African American people did not allow this fear to get in their way and enjoyed resounding success after 50. 1. Dawn M. Blackman In 2003, at age 53, Dawn M. Blackman had a career as a caterer and a clothing store owner in Illinois when she began schooling local children about gardening. [...]

11 Ways to Get Your Money Back and Give YOURSELF a Raise!!!

Get your own Money Back and controlling your spending is the first step in creating personal wealth. The greatest and most effective way to create wealth is by creating pass e e ive income. But creating it is not enough. You have to change the way you spend your money FIRST or you will be (temporarily) rich but still broke.I was shocked when I saw a new "financial advisor" on the Steve Harvey show recently who was suggesting that pass e e ive income was all about having as many jobs as possible. My jaw dropped. [...]