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Regionally Accredited Online Colleges

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Accredited Online Colleges

There are a variety of choices to consider when deciding on an online college, and chances are you’ve come across an equal share of both online intuitions and traditional brick and mortar schools.  Online programs are popular due to their affordability, accessibility, and flexibility they offer students wishing to pursue a degree. However, as educational institutions begin to leverage more and more distance education programs, students are faced with the tough decision of finding the right school.  Online schools are appealing since they offer the most flexibility, and courses can be taken from anywhere.  In addition, there’s no difference in curriculum between an online program and an on-campus program.  However, one of the key factors that students need to take into consideration when choosing an online college is accreditation. There are several types of accreditation including National Accreditation and Regional Accreditation.  Online schools that decide to apply for Regional Accreditation are evaluated by the regional agency that oversees their home state. There are only six agencies that can award regional accreditation, and declare that a college is regionally accredited.  The U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) continuously recognizes these agencies as the only bodies that can award this type of accreditation. These six accrediting agencies each cover different sections across the U.S. In the list below, we’ve identified several Regionally Accredited, affordable, online colleges to help you search for quality online education. Click NEXT (below) to see the next segment

UMass Online

UMass has a variety of campuses but has centrally located their distance education program through its main campus.  The school offers a variety of undergraduate programs, and many of them can be completed completely online. Tuition: $13,443

Boston University

Boston University offers a range of degree programs from bachelors, masters, doctoral, and even professional certificates.  The university also offers a variety of online degree programs at both the bachelors and masters levels.  In addition, even online students can take advantage of student services such as tutoring, career center services, and the library. Tuition: $7,830

Western Governors University

Western Governors University is a private institution that was founded in Salt Lake City, Utah after governor Mike Leavitt petitioned that a school be established to serve the northwest United States.  The school is designed around distance learning which focuses on competency-based outcomes through high-quality education.  Western Governors University’s emphasis on distance education allows the school to serve a larger portion of students. In addition to its main campus in Utah, there is a satellite campus located in Missouri, Nevada, Indiana, Texas, Tennessee, and Washington. Annual Tuition: $6,070

Baker College

Baker College is a private school that offers students a large variety of programs of study to choose from.  Baker College was primarily designed to serve adults looking to enter the workforce after completing their degree.  The core components of the school focus on providing a solid education that’s geared towards authentic, high demand work skills needed in today’s labor market.  Baker College continues to integrate experiential learning opportunities into their curriculum. Annual Tuition: $8,640

Bellevue University

Bellevue University is a top contender making it difficult to compete against when searching for an online college.  The school offers a wide variety of programs to choose from and has been ranked in the top 20 for online undergraduate programs.  In addition, Bellevue has affordable tuition which makes it a quality choice for distance education programs. Tuition: $6,300

Thomas Edison State College

As one of the most established online universities, TESC offers an enormous selection of bachelor’s degrees. TESC fully leverages cutting-edge technology to ensure that students are able to complete their degrees at an affordable online college.  In addition, TESC permits students to transfer an unlimited number of credits providing flexibility for students who have credits from other intuitions. Tuition: $8,395

Great Basin College

A regionally accredited college that serves over 3,400 students, and ranks in the top 100 “Best Online Colleges,” Great Basin College is a public, state-funded school.  In addition, GBC has also named the #1 most affordable college.  The school offers 13 associate degrees and seven bachelor’s degrees. Average Tuition: $2,805

American Public University

American Public University has an enrollment of over 98,400 students. It has been ranked 58th for best online bachelor’s degrees and has also been recognized as an affordable educational institution as well. Almost half of the student body are prior military members utilizing the G.I. Bill benefits to complete their choice of over 100+ academic programs. Average Tuition: $6,880

The University of Maine at Fort Kent

UMFK is a liberal arts college that has a student enrollment of 1,500 students. The school has been ranked 13th in top public schools in the northern part of the U.S., and distance education students can pursue 19 degrees completely online. Average Tuition: $7,575

West Texas A&M University

West Texas educates around 9,400 students and is a co-educational research university.  Nationwide the school ranks 35th as a top public university, and it holds the honor of 11th best for online bachelor’s programs across the nation.  With its low tuition, students can take advantage of its 19 online programs as they pursue their education. Average Tuition $7,041 Although there are a wide range of schools that offer distance education, students should make accreditation a top priority when deciding on a college.  The list above will help narrow the selection process without compromising educational quality.

Online Associates Degree

affordable online colleges, business degrees, best online colleges

Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate the Power of An online associates degree

The humble online associate's degree once dismissed as inadequate has risen considerably in the ranks of higher education. And thanks to online programs that are flooding the internet, associates degrees are more available than ever before. Unlike the four-year bachelor plan, the career-focused associates allow a person to jump right into their chosen field. Then get a degree within two years. The best part is, most associates degrees segue seamlessly into four-year plans for students who want to continue their education. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t underestimate the power of an online associates degree. (Click Next for the next page below)

Variety of career choices

From early childhood education to HVAC technicians, online associates degrees come in all shapes and sizes. Jobs that are increasingly high in demand are ones such as Audio and Video Equipment Technicians, Childcare Center Directors, and Community Service Specialists. The list goes on. Even jobs that aren’t normally considered part of a two-year program, such as Fitness Instructors and Textile Designers, fall into the associate's degree category. Truly, the variety of career choices is endless. Here is a comprehensive and alphabetized list of jobs you can get with an online associates degree. It includes basic descriptions and average salary.

Achievable and focused

Online associates degrees are “no fluff” options for focused persons who desire higher paying jobs without the added debt from a 4-year college. Although still required to take the basic general education courses such as College Algebra and English 101. It doesn’t take long for the student to move into the courses for their particular field of study. Depending on how motivated and determined you are, an online associates degree can be earned in a year-and-a-half. A person who is driven and able to focus solely on their studies can zoom through an online program in no time. The benefit of finishing early, of course, is the added income from finding a job half a year sooner. For people of all ages and interests, online associates degrees are not only readily available, they are highly attainable. Especially for the student who isn’t particularly fond of academics, a two-year online program may very well be the best fit.

High paying job choices

Surprisingly, certain associates degrees earn more than their bachelor degree counterparts. Air traffic Controllers, Computer Programmers, Dental Hygienists, and Radiation Therapists are only a few of the top paying jobs. These specialized job fields are not only highly sought after, but they are also “evergreen” in the sense that their services are in demand no matter what the season. Check out this article for even more well-paying jobs that only require an associates or online associates degree. Sadly, in the past, online associates degrees were often discounted and overlooked, much to the detriment of students who didn’t give them a second thought. But thanks to the world wide web, the once under-appreciated associate's program has proven to be an outstanding option for people who need an achievable, well-paying career without the burden of a four-year degree. FOUR TYPES OF ONLINE DEGREES TO CONSIDER

Four Types of Online Business Degrees to Consider.

affordable online colleges, business degrees, best online colleges

Consider Online Business Degrees

There is a misconception that people who go into business are limited to economics or commerce. However, the variety of careers available, under the business umbrella, is quite remarkable. From human resources to marketing, and dozens of fields in between, degrees in business are leading the way. Here are 4 types of online business degrees to seriously consider. Click Next to see the next idea

1. Public Relations Specialists

Consider Online Business Degrees Public relations are a key component of any operation in this day of instant communications and rightly inquisitive citizens. ~ Alvin Adams 1804-1877 Who would have thought that the nineteenth-century businessman and founder of Adams and Company, would have “hit the head on the nail” in describing the importance of public relations? He was right in stating that PR is a key component of any operation. As the culture has moved rapidly into the digital age, companies are competing for recognition like never before. Public Relations Specialists are in high demand, to develop social media content that will stand out amongst the competition. Their jobs include creating press releases, promoting a company’s brand, and writing dynamic stories for websites and social media. Getting an online business degree in public relations is an outstanding option for those who thrive in marketing, promotion, and content creation. Click NEXT to see the next segment ---------------------------

2. Entrepreneurship

Consider Online Business Degrees There’s no other way to say it: Entrepreneurship is booming. Simply a fancy word for  “businessperson,” the brave entrepreneur is cropping up in nearly every profession. Although a degree is not required to run your own business, an Entrepreneurial Business Degree can be highly beneficial. Here is an outstanding article on the pros and cons of entrepreneurship programs. Valuable skills such as sales, retail, accounting, and management, are needed for businesses to thrive. Online education will only help the independent career person take their personal strengths to a new level. Fortunately, the flexibility of taking online courses fits nicely into the hectic start-up schedule most entrepreneurs face. ---------------------------

3. Accounting

Consider Online Business Degrees Good with numbers? Accountants and finance managers are needed in every growing corporation. Their jobs include preparing tax statements, overseeing budgetary expenses, keeping financial systems up-to-date, and much more. Accounting is one field that is stable and ever growing, even in poor economic times. Solid money management is crucial to growing and thriving companies. Therefore, earning an online business degree in accounting is an excellent choice. Still on the fence? Check out this article that details the pros and cons of choosing a career in accounting. ---------------------------

4. Health Care Administration

Consider Online Business Degrees When people hear the word “health care,” they automatically picture doctors and nurses. However, there is a whole world of healthcare professionals that handle the business side of things. And their’s is a profession that isn’t going away anytime soon. The benefits of getting a Health Care Administration Degree include training in human resources, medical insurance claims, and even specialized jobs such as mental health or child welfare. Don’t underestimate the value of an online business degree. The options are endless and the potential is great. Whether you have a desire to focus on media as a PR Specialist, manage a company’s finances, or join the growing network of entrepreneurs, an online business degree is seriously worth considering. Choosing the Cheapest College Online

Choosing the Cheapest Online College

Three Things to Be Aware of Before Choosing the cheapest online colleges

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” ~ Warren Buffet If you're looking for the cheapest online colleges education for under ten thousand dollars per year, an affordable online college program may be too tempting to pass up. However, the bottom dollar isn’t the only factor to consider. Accreditation, reputability, and potential scams are also significant things to investigate as you search for the best deal. Here are Three things to be aware of before choosing the online school programsClick NEXT for Next Segment

Cheapest Online Colleges: Lack of Accreditation

Reputable online school programs will validate their program’s accreditation and display it prominently on their website. If you have to do a massive internet search to try and find out if a program is accredited, that’s probably a red flag you shouldn’t ignore. It would be a terrible waste of time, money, and resources to end up with a degree that wasn’t considered legitimate by employers. You can verify a program’s accreditation through the Department of Education. Although the government agency does not offer accreditation services, it recognizes certain agencies that do. Here is a comprehensive list of colleges that are recognized as accredited programs. *Note: There are many agencies that accredit illegitimate “diploma mills.” These are not recognized by the Department of Education. Here is a list of unrecognized agencies to be aware of.

Cheapest Online Colleges: Poor Reputation

cheapest online colleges? To finally get your online degree and begin applying for the job you’ve been preparing for, it would prove to be disastrous if companies rejected the institution from which your degree came. Bad reputations are not difficult to find. Just ask around and you will probably get an earful of opinions. Visiting independent review sites such as Consumer Affairs or Glassdoor, will give you a pretty good idea of how the potential online college ranks. Keep in mind that not all of the cheaper online schools have a bad rap. In fact, many of them are legitimate programs accepted by most businesses. However, spending some time doing the research will pay off in the end. Read here for more information about choosing a reputable and affordable online college.

Cheapest online colleges: Potential Scams

Online College Programs that boast about degrees that can be earned quickly and effortlessly are most likely scams. Legitimate online colleges require the typical number of credits to graduate. (60 credits for an associates degree, and 120 credits for a Bachelors) Websites that are full of errors or misspelled words may also indicate a scam. Basically, if something doesn’t look right, don’t ignore your intuition. Dig a little deeper before automatically choosing the cheapest online colleges. Consumer expert, Clark Howard, suggests these questions to ask before making your final decision. Getting an online college degree doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive to be legitimate. However, there are key things to be aware of before choosing the least expensive route. Be wise, by ensuring a college’s accreditation, reviewing their reputation, and eliminating a possible scam. With the plethora of online options today, you are sure to find the right program that fits within your budget.

Online Community College for an Associates Degree? Three Benefits

affordable online colleges, business degrees, best online colleges

Online Community College is a Great Option

It used to be that online community colleges or just community colleges were considered “subpar” by many university-bound students. However, that opinion has changed dramatically, as people began to realize the amazing opportunities and money-saving options afforded by the humble community college. Especially in this digital age, online community college courses have skyrocketed in popularity. Whether it’s the High School student opting for a dual degree program, or a person wanting to go back to school after years in the workforce, online community college is a fantastic way to work toward higher education goals. Here are 3 major benefits of online community college. (click NEXT for next page below)

1. Dual degree options

Graduating from High School with even a few college credits is a fantastic way for young adults to get a head-start on higher education. Although not all states offer online dual degree programs, there are many that do. Some states even offer free college programs for students who maintain a certain GPA. Students who take full advantage of such programs can earn an associates degree by the time they receive their High School diploma. This is a huge advantage for the next generation of opportunity minded kids.

2. Big money savings

Nearly every college degree requires the basic General Education classes such as English Comp, College Algebra, Psychology, and Communications. These courses are generally completed before taking classes specialized for a particular field of study. Completing these required classes through an online community college can save thousands of dollars in the long run. According to the Community College Review, the average cost of in-state tuition for the 2017-2018 school year was under $5,000.00. In comparison to the yearly tuition for a private college, which was around $15,000.00, the savings is quite remarkable. However, be sure to check with a trusted college advisor about credit transfers for online community colleges. You’ll want to make sure that classes taken through your online community college will transfer to other colleges and universities without a hitch.

3. Flexible schedule

Flexibility for online community colleges is probably the number one benefit to online learning. Being able to work full-time, while earning a degree, is desirable among people of all ages and stages. Online community colleges lend themselves to the stay-at-home parent, the person with limited mobility, and those who want to jump back into the college arena without going to a traditional classroom. Especially if a person is self-motivated, the online community college option will most likely be a good fit. It does, however, require a certain amount of self-discipline to meet the instructor’s expectations and deadlines. It may also require being proactive in getting assistance when needed. Without face-to-face interaction, some students may find it problematic to get the information they need in a timely manner. The major benefits of online community college definitely outweigh any disadvantages, especially for those who want to maintain a flexible schedule, save money, and take advantage of dual degree programs. Gone are the days where community colleges were considered inferior. In fact, most people would now agree that they are a respectable and valuable option.

The Ultimate List of Affordable Online Colleges

affordable online colleges, business degrees, best online colleges

The Ultimate List of Affordable Online Colleges

Affordable online colleges: Throughout the 20th century, modernized educational technology developments have made earning a college degree more accessible. Students can learn anywhere with only an internet connection and a computer. Distance education provides students with flexible options allowing many to maintain a full-time job while taking online classes, and working towards their degree. The convenience of online education has many students turning to colleges and universities that offer fully accredited online degree programs. In fact, a recent survey conducted by the Online Learning Consortium determined that there are over 6.7 million students taking one or more online courses. Click NEXT to see the list of colleges ---------------------------

Paying for College

Affordable online colleges: Although a college education has become more accessible, the cost of tuition continues to skyrocket. Based on a recent College Board study, an in-state student attending a 4-year public university will pay an average of $9,970 annually, while an out-of-state student will pay $26,000. And private institutions are even higher. However, attending college doesn’t have to compromise your financial future. Many institutions are leveraging distance learning to offset rising tuition fees. Normally, tuition is a critical factor in determining which online school to attend, but with smart financial planning, there are a variety of affordable online colleges to choose from. We created this list as a starting point to help you find a college that fits your budget. The schools listed below are fully accredited online colleges and their annual tuition is less than $16,000. If tuition is an important deciding factor in your search for online schools, this list will help you get a head start in narrowing down your options. ---------------------------

Western Governors University

Affordable online colleges: Western Governors University is a private institution that was founded in Salt Lake City, Utah after governor Mike Leavitt petitioned that a school be established to serve the northwest United States. The school is designed around distance learning which focuses on competency-based outcomes through high-quality education. Western Governors University’s emphasis on distance education allows the school to serve a larger portion of students. In addition to its main campus in Utah, there are satellite campuses located in Missouri, Nevada, Indiana, Texas, Tennessee, and Washington. Annual Tuition: $6,070 ---------------------------

Southern New Hampshire University

Affordable online colleges:  Around 60,000 students attend Southern New Hampshire University while an additional 3,000 attends on campus. Originally established as The New Hampshire School of Accounting and Secretarial Science it was founded in Manchester, New Hampshire and operated by a husband and wife team (Harry and Gertrude Shapiro). The school was renamed after it was forced to relocate, but it continued its stellar educational reputation. Southern New Hampshire University is a private university Annual Tuition: $11,520 ---------------------------

Baker College

Affordable online colleges: Baker College is a private school that offers students a large variety of programs of study to choose from. Baker College was primarily designed to serve adults looking to enter the workforce after completing their degree. The core components of the school focus on providing a solid education that’s geared towards authentic, high demand work skills needed in today’s labor market. Baker College continues to integrate experiential learning opportunities into their curriculum. Annual Tuition: $8,640 ---------------------------

Liberty University

Affordable online colleges: Originally named Lynchburg Baptist College, Pastor Jerry Falwell set out to create a school that provided a high quality, Christian education. However, the school would go through various modifications and eventually be renamed to Liberty University. Currently, the school boasts an on-campus enrollment of 15,000 students in addition to accommodating 100,000 online students. The school is located in Lynchburg, Virginia and is a private institution. Annual Tuition: $11,700 ---------------------------

University of Florida

Affordable online colleges: The University of Florida has a robust curriculum and plenty of online programs for students to choose from such as microbiology and environmental management. UF also allows students to enroll in specialized minors, such as business administration or mass communication. Online courses are asynchronous giving students the flexibility to attend based on their own schedules. In addition, online students can take a semester off without penalty. UF has several award-winning faculty members along with a diverse student body, and offers an affordable college experience. Annual Tuition: $9,009 While tuition is usually a primary focus when choosing an online school, there are other factors that also need to be taken into consideration. It’s also important to think about the programs of study that the school offers, and ensure that the programs match your overall career goals. A college degree can provide you with a wealth of job opportunities, but make sure you invest the time up front to check each of your choices to confirm it aligns with your goals. Online Community College for an associates degree