DL Hughley’s Best Rants (video)


Dl Hughley is an amazing media figure who stands on his own two feet and doesnt back down. He speaks from the heart and at times has pissed people off and also made others rally around his points but the best thing about DL is that he does not allow himself to be a conformist or to portray a “dumbed down” black radio host on the air.

He speaks his mind and he expertly does it with a hint of comedy. He is a modern day Dick Gregory. Here are a few times DL said what what on his mind to the delight of some and dismay of others.

DL Hughley Gets into Heated Debate with Megyn Kelly over Police Shootings

Despite his position in radio, comedy, television, and film, DL Hughley never hesitates to speak his mind.

He truly tells it like it is, which is why he garners so much respect among his peers, fans, and followers.Hughley made an appearance on Fox News’ Kelly Files to discuss the recent police shootings and promote his new book, “Black Man, White House.”

DL was speaking on the unfortunate death of Philando Castile but he became visibly upset when he learned Mark Fuhrman was also invited on the Fox News show to comment on police shootings. Everyone should recall Mark Fuhrman as he was convicted of perjury after denying the use of the word “Ni&&er” in the infamous 1995 O.J. murder Simpson trial.

We all know how Fuhrman impacted the trial but but back to the lecture at hand.Hughley and Kelly went back and forth, talking over one another as they discussed the Mike Brown case as well but the gloves came off when DL just told it like it was.

“The only place racism doesn’t exist is Fox News and the police department,” Hughley sarcastically said.

“That’s absolutely true.””That’s insulting,”  Kelly said. “You just insulted millions of people watching this channel.””And I’m insulted by the things I hear on this network, so we’re even,” DL replied.

“I could care less about insulting people that insult me on a daily basis.”The conversation continued from there as Megyn Kelly was able to deescalate the debate by finding some common ground to focus on. Don’t take our word for it, check out the clip below.

DL Hughley Has Similar Story as Black Couple Who Used White Friend for Better Home Appraisal

Racism is woven into the fabric of the United States. In almost every way possible, Black people are faced with challenges unlike any other when we are just trying to exist.

A Black couple had to literally use their White friend to pose as the homeowner of their home to get a better appraisal. What was the result?

A 500K difference. DL Hughley posted the story via his IG and stated in the caption that a similar thing happened to him as well in the past. Can we live?

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DL Hughley on Breonna Taylor: Grand Juries Meet in Private … and so do Grand Dragons

D.L. is truly the next generation Dick Gregory but D.L. always finds a way to bring humor into the mix. Here he talks about the Breonna Taylor decision not to charge the officers involved and he makes some harsh points.

DL Hughley Says He Tried to Tell Us About Terry Crews

In the last few days, actor Terry Crews has been criticized by several people for the following tweet, “If you are a child of God, you are my brother and sister. I have family of every race, creed and ideology,” the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor tweeted early Tuesday. “We must ensure #blacklivesmatter doesn’t morph into #blacklivesbetter.”

Everyone from Amanda Seales, who recently hosted the 2020 BET Awards, to Dr. King’s daughter, Bernice King has addressed Crew’s tweet basically expressing their disappoint in his take on the Black Lives Matter movement.

While they approached Terry Crews in that manner, leave it up to DL Hughley, who is still resting after passing out on stage due to exhaustion, to chime in as only he can.

As most of us know, he and Terry Crews have a bit of history after DL questioned the way Crews handled his sexual assault claim about a Hollywood executive who groped him.

DL Hughley Says Hes Never Slept with a White Woman, Even his Mistresses Were Black (video)

DL is promoting his book and says that the death rate for white people is highter than the birth rate for the first time.

DL Hughley Says it’s Surprising that Prince is Gone and Bobby Brown is Still Alive

As usual the whitty and thought-provoking DL Hughley makes some interesting points on this VLADTV interview.

DL Hughley Says Michael Jackson and R. Kelly were Horrible Babysitters (video)

D.L is at it once again blending comedy with tragedy and making several great points on the Wendy Williams show recently. He was also there to promote his new show on TV One.


DL Hughley States The Most Dangerous Place for Black People to LIve is in White People’s Imagination

“If they saw a black person, they would devalue a home.”

In this episode on the #GEDSection, DL Hughley talks about the devaluation of assets in black neighborhoods. Hughley talks about how there is a notion of when people of color would move into a neighborhood, the property value would drop.

Not because things would happen but because of the white people’s perception of people of color. He also discusses his own experience with trying to sell a home but was given an estimate that was lower than the property was worth. You can watch the episode down below.

DL Hughley on Recent Police Shooting: “Taking a Black Life is Like Wild Game Hunting”

DL Hughley Show speaks on Recent Racially Profiled Police Shooting of Jemel Roberson in Chicago

DL Hughley discusses how law enforcement and the media can often overreach authority when it comes to the lives of black people.

He talks about the security guard, Jemel Roberson, who was shot and killed by police while trying to detain a suspect at a bar outside of Chicago recently waiting for the police to arrive.

When an officer spotted Roberson with his gun pointed at the subject the officer opened fire on the security guard and killed him.

Hughley compares the situation to the recent mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, CA where a gunman walked into a club killed 13 patrons including a sheriff who was the first responder to the shooting. Watch the video below.

DL Hughley says if Kim Kardashian Can Visit Trump and Free a Black Woman, Black Preachers Should’ve Done More

Hughley is just too merch, to MERCH. DL Hughley is truly using his gift on the mic. We’re a little late on this but here it is. DL Hughley is actually going to church on the audience here and letting Pastor John Gray have it for saying he did the visit as God’s work.

Hughley says How do you have an audience in front of the king (Trump) and not address children being deported, the unfairness of the judicial system, etc. See video

 A little Note From The GED Section: Another day another group of shoo booty ass preachersPosted by DL Hughley on Friday, August 3, 2018


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