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Get a Music Business degree online

music business degree

Interested in the music business as a career? The industry is going through a massive shift to tech and there will be new positions created in the industry over the next few years. Interestingly, you can get a music business degree online. Here are a few schools that offer courses for careers in the music industry

Full Sail University – Offers Music Business Degree Online

City – Winter Park

State – Florida

Online Course Offered – Yes

Course Details: Bachelors of Science in Music Business


The sold-out tour everyone’s talking about. A viral video that defines a genre. The song that seems to be everywhere. Now more than ever, artists depend on innovative approaches to give them an edge in the market. You could call it luck – or fate – but the truth is that behind every great artist is a great team.

In Full Sail’s Music Business program, you’ll develop skills that extend beyond the recording industry into the realms of film, television, video games, and sports. From marketing and publishing to artist management, and retail, you’ll learn to be an effective player in the music business.

The key areas that the program focuses on are:

  • Music Business Management
  • Music Business Marketing
  • Music Business Law and Contract Negotiation
  • Concert Marketing and Promotion
  • Artist Management

As a student, you can pick from the online course option or the on-campus program depending on your availability. The pre-requisites to get into the program are that you must be a citizen of the US and have at least acquired a high school diploma or GED. For more detail on the courses offered and the semester-wise breakdown of the courses, you can check out the link here.

Southern New Hampshire University – Offers Music Business Degree Online

City – Hooksett

State – New Hampshire

Online Course Offered – Yes

Course Details – Masters of Business Administration Music Business


We live in a time where the music business industry is rapidly changing. In order to stay on top of your game in the music business industry, Southern New Hampshire University and Berklee College of Music work in partnership to create a program that is one of its kind.  The course combines the educational excellence of SNHU with 9 core business modules and 4 internationally acclaimed modules in the music business from Berklee. The innovative, high-quality music business degree program is ideally suited for entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in the innovative music industry. The program’s key areas of focus include:

  • Ethical music business leadership
  • Music business strategy
  • Music promotion and marketing
  • The financial analysis applied to talent, music enterprise and distribution

Also, the course is being offered online which gives you great freedom with your schedule management while doing the masters. With video lectures from the most experienced and successful professionals of the industry, you will definitely not want to miss out on this amazing opportunity.

So what are you waiting for? Check out more details for the program and get enrolled today at one of the best opportunities to get an MBA degree in the music business, with convenience.

Berklee School of Music – Offers Music Business Degree Online

City – Boston

State – Massachusetts

Online Course Offered – Yes

Course Details – Bachelor of Music in Music Business/Management


Studying music business with Berklee College of Music will allow you to master the management, legal, financial, and artistic skills necessary for success in the contemporary music industry. With online and on-campus programs covering all levels of study, wherever you are in your career Berklee can help you discover the opportunities available in music promotion, distribution, concert touring, music publishing, music marketing, and artist management.

The key areas that the degree program focuses on are:

  • Copyright Law
  • Music Publishing 101
  • Music Supervision
  • Music Marketing, Strategies, Financials and techniques

In addition to the basic core programs, you will be offered specialized electives that will focus on the different aspects of the innovative music business in the contemporary era.

Berklee’s music business program is one of the most prestigious programs that you can undertake in the field. During the course, you can select one of three available tracks within the major: self-directed or entrepreneurial activity, music products, or management in corporate environments. Thus, on completion of this music business program, you will become a thorough professional and will be able to make inroads in the music business industry.

Steinhardt NYU – Offers Music Business Degree Online

City – New York

State – New York

Online Course Offered – No

Course Details – MA in Music Business


In case you want to become an innovative leader in the music business industry then Steinhardt NYU’s MA in the music business is the degree that you must have. During the music business program, you will get to study with industrial leaders and entrepreneurs who have made a mark in the music business industry. The key areas of focus for the degree are:

  • Making strategy decisions in the music business realm
  • Setting up financial, legal, and technical objectives for the organization
  • Leadership in the music business industry
  • Impact of the international music industry on the global economy
  • Application of research technologies in the field of the music business

During the program, you will grow as an individual and as a professional who will be ready to take up the challenges and lead the way in the music business industry.

In addition, you will have the advantage of studying in the artistic city of New York and learn from the various resources at your disposal. Furthermore, the program also allows you to take coursework/internships in the artistically rich cities of London and Rio de Janeiro.

Just to enlighten you on the achievements of the university’s alumni here are a few examples of their success stories:

  • Started businesses
  • Developed Mobile Apps
  • Worked with government agencies in developing policies
  • Promoted new emerging trends of music at home and abroad
  • Initiated tech start-ups that are very successful now

For more information on alumni achievements and course, details click here  

Middle Tennessee State University – Offers Music Business Degree Online

City – Murfreesboro

State – Tennessee

Online Courses – Yes

Course Details – MBA in Music Business


Do you have what it takes to be a leader in the music business industry? Well, you might have the passion, but in order to back it up with a degree, you must enroll at the MTSU MBA in Music Business Program.

During the music business program, you can take music business related electives that focus on the following areas:

  • Recording industry research
  • International popular music
  • Concert management
  • Music Marketing
  • Financial, legal and technical aspects of the music business
  • Decision making and leadership  

The program has been designed keeping in view the changing trends of the music business industry. Also, a special focus is maintained on the recording technologies for the music industry. Furthermore, the degree will also enable you to pursue careers in the innovative sections of the music industry including songwriting, instrumental music creation, etc. Also, in the music business management realm, you will benefit from the courses like Entertainment IP, Artist management, Entertainment Reporting and writing, and other relevant courses.   

The program’s alumni have displayed their skills and are leaders in various departments across the country and internationally in fields such as:

  • A & R Reps
  • Music Editors
  • Promotional managers
  • Song Pluggers
  • Business leaders
  • Tech-startups

In addition, the employers of the music program’s Alumni are big names of the industry like ASCAP, Music City Roots, CrowdSurf, etc.

In order to check out the complete list of employers and Alumni at the various positions in the industry please visit the course site.