Over the last seven months, the Clubhouse app was all the rage. Rooms about everything you could imagine and even full theatrical plays were produced on the site.

Everybody was excited about the Clubhouse concept. Initially, the app was only available to iPhone users, and only recently the phone app for android was developed but few people still talk about the Clubhouse App at all. But as of late, the thrill is gone.

clubhouse app

Few people still talk about the Clubhouse App. What happened? The statement “The Honeymoon is Over” might certainly apply to the Clubhouse app at this point but it was off to an amazing start.

While the valuation of the potential Clubhouse stock is said to be close to 1 billion dollars, the dying appeal may crush that concept. Here are 10 most likely reasons why the Clubhouse app’s appeal has dwindled.

Post Pandemic

the Clubhouse app’s entrance was perfectly timed. People were at home, bored out of their minds and social media was at a standstill with people talking pictures at events, restaurants and being social. While the Clubhouse app is new the concept is old when it comes to chatrooms.

We were simply in need of communcation outside of our regular circles, a break from endless Zooms and a connection. the Clubhouse app fit the bill. Then a bunch of people got vaccinated and life started to return to normal.


Anybody who is a pro at being a Life Coach, Marketing, Promotion, or Entrepreneur can tell there are a lot of people being dishonest on the Clubhouse app about what they do.

Entrepreneurs, for example, who are truly successful are way too busy to be spending time on the Clubhouse app during the day (or anytime for that matter). Most of the successful entrepreneurs we know all said the same thing throughout the Clubhouse app’s 15 minutes “I keep hearing about it but I’m too busy to be on it.”

Talking Over Each Other

The constant open mics and talking over each other are annoying to no end. There is not a room on the Clubhouse app where somebody is not yelling “Wait, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up” over the crowd noise to get their point across. That’s the other thing.

Everybody has a point to get across. Unfortunately, many times those points are pointless. There are people who raise their hand just to say things like “I really appreciate this room” or “I’m really grateful for this room” or “I didn’t really have anything to say except, thank you for this room.”

Everybody’s an “Expert”

Again a true expert is too busy to be giving away free advice on the Clubhouse app (for the most part). There are some successful people who do rooms on the App but unknowns are more often than not hosting rooms and selling some kind of product or service.

There are a lot of people who use the App to market what they do (or think they do or try to convince others that they do) and the complaints are mounting about people being ripped off by fake experts on the Clubhouse app. There are even rooms exposing those people.

Who Has Time?

Now that we are in the post-pandemic phase, who has time to listen? We’re getting back to our lives slowly but surely and a HUGE part of that is recognizing the value of life and our time and who we spend it with from this point on and WHO we spend it with.

Many people are making travel plans or career plans, getting divorced or married, or getting in or out of relationships, friendships and organizations, and social circles as a result of the pandemic. We are all in the reboot phase. We want meaningful and honest connections and that’s beyond the scope of what an App like the Clubhouse app can offer.

Background Noise

Babies crying, people with their windows down on the freeway, which is cringeworthy considering they are trying to focus and get a point across.

You have to be TOTALLY focused on the freeway or while driving and using the app requires paying attention to your phone, like raising your hand or muting and opening your mic or responding to a request to be on stage. Are those things safe to do while driving?

Rooms Lack Creative Concepts

I was in a room called “Does Racism Really Exist?” WTH? Does the sun shine? People, including black people, were actually debating this issue? OK everyone is entitled to their opinion and perspectives but at what point does it become insane.

In this particular room, there were people from other races claiming they were mistreated just as bad or worse than Black people in this country. At that point, I tuned out and went to a more useful room like: “How to watch an egg boil.”

It’s Not Therapy

There are some people in some of the rooms in need of real therapy and it’s a bit unnerving to see them get really bad or questionable advice from fake experts. There are people on the Clubhouse app who suffer from mental illness and depression and it’s evident. They don’t need the Clubhouse app they need a professional.

Good for Some

While we are in the post pandemic phase some people may still get something out of the Clubhouse app in the near future but the thrill is certainly gone as we return to a sense of normalcy.