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On Becoming a Nurse: Going Through Online Nursing Programs

Panorama of a happy nurse with a stethoscope covering an elderly man with a blanket in a nursing home

On Becoming a Nurse: Going Through Online Nursing Programs

Before there was anything called internet, before ‘online’ became a thing, everyone had to go to college to earn a degree.

Attending college was tougher for some than others, while some simply encountered difficulties in learning itself, others found it challenging to combine their jobs and other commitments like raising a family with earning a degree. Enrollment in an online course has risen monumentally in recent times with more students opting for online degree programs. According to the federal data in the US, over 4700 colleges and universities that account for about 6.3 million students, dominated by undergraduates, took at least one online course in the fall of 2016 and the figure keeps increasing.

As more services and learning has moved online, nursing hasn’t been left out, and becoming a nurse has now been made a bit easier.

The prevalence of online learning platforms and increasing demand for nurses has helped online nursing programs gain noteful popularity. Just like the traditional nursing courses, a lot of the online nursing courses available are accredited and have been equipped with all the core classes you need to earn a degree in nursing. The newer trend of online nursing courses hasn’t only attracted students fresh out of high school.  Adults have however dominated the online learning world based on its relative convenience. (Click NEXT below for the next segment) 

What Do Nurses Do?

The rise to stardom that has characterized online degrees which once was dismissed has now offered adults an opportunity to become a nurse. It takes a whole lot in terms of learning to ensure that the healthcare of any nation is where it’s supposed to be and nurses are vital in ensuring that the health system continues to run. Nurses provide the larger part of health care and they serve as the bridge between doctors and patients. In some cases they also perform the roles of a consultant and sometimes, they fill the shoes of a doctor. There are several kinds of nurses and the title of a nurse explains the way they have been trained, their specialization, and their mode of operation.

Many have doubted the credibility of taking classes online especially in a profession that deals directly with life. While the argument for accessing on-site campus facilities remains valid, it is, however, possible for you to become a nurse by simply wearing your pajamas and learning from your sofa.

The future

Take America for instance, the health sector situation has become critical. The bureau of labor statistics projects that between, 2012-2022 525,000 nurses will need to be replaced in the workforce. The study also revealed that given the replacements and the growth, the total number of job openings for nurses would be over a million by 2022. These ushers in an unprecedented era where registered nurses and health practitioners are in high demand.

The good news is that the desperate needs of the health sector provide an opportunity to find a career in nursing. Although the colleges have responded adequately, online education classes are still needed to meet the high demands of the nursing world.

The shortage in the health sector is due to the rise in specialized health care needs as well as other factors like the baby boom, increased retirements, and more.

The challenges faced by the healthcare community have posed a challenge to the healthcare educational sphere and online courses have been very helpful. The average age of nurses in America is 46 and currently, more than 50% of the workforce is close to retirement. This has opened the door for millions of people to access the system and contribute to the growth of the health sector. According to the US bureau of labour statistics, the future projections of the profession includes;

  • Health diagnosing and treatment practitioners – 20%
  • Registered nurses – 19%
  • Health technologists and technicians – 24%
  • Licences practical and licenced vocational nurses – 25%
  • Nursing assistants – 21%
  • Orderlies – 17%

The promising future of the nursing profession has influenced the prevalence of online programs for nursing degrees over the years. Some colleges have also moved their nursing degrees online to accommodate more students. The number of R.N (Registered Nurse) to B.S.N (Bachelors of Science in Nursing) programs in America has grown significantly – more than a third in the past two years based on the data of the American Association of College Nurses (AACN).

Advantages of online nursing programs

From convenience to utter flexibility, anything done online provides you with more value. Online nursing degrees have been embraced by both the young and the old, but adults have a seemingly preoccupied schedule, and it’s ideal for them. It provides an avenue to manage time and schedules in a more convenient manner that is not rigid.

The major pros of an online nursing program is that if you have a complex schedule based on work, travels, family, or other factors, online classes provide you with a super-easy way to get done with your curriculum. Most of the classes are lecture and textbook-based and they are easily comprehensible.

The long trips to campuses as well as other demographic issues can also be gotten out of the way by an online nursing class.  This also means that you can select from various options, the particular tutor or online college you desire without bordering on how to get there.

Online nursing programs are highly competitive and with limited instructors in the field, online classes are commendable. They provide for a larger number in terms of students to learn at once and the personalized schedules give everyone unhindered access to the tutor.

A major argument against becoming a nurse through online learning is that a considerable amount of the profession involves hands-on learning. There are lots of online nursing programs that provide a scheduled hands-on clinical experience for students to finish their course work.

Whether you want to be a licensed practical nurse, registered nurse, neonatal nurse or any nursing practitioner in general, you can achieve your dreams with much comfort and convenience.

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