Top 10 Great Gifts for Musicians

Buying gifts for someone can be quite a challenge: you don’t know how they’ll respond to the gift and you never know how much you should spend on it. But finding a gift for a musician can be even worse. It’s no secret that artsy types are nick-picky and pretty particular about the items they keep. 

This is why today we’ll be bringing to you a list of the best items you can buy for your musical friends, family members, and significant others to better guide you on how to choose a gift that they’ll adore and one that won’t hurt your wallet:

Go Digital

gifts for musicians

If you’re shopping for a millennial, chances are that their work is within the digital landscape. A USB MIDI Keyboard Controller will help to streamline their work, by hooking up to MPC Beats Software for easy beat-making. It comes with a wide assortment of items that the pros use — a synthesizer, key-based beat making, and a mini piano — with a surprisingly affordable price tag of only $59.00.

A Musician’s Life Can Be Chaotic, so Prevent Any Damage Where You Can

Drummer’s rugs — strips of fabric that keep drum kits in place and prevent floor damage — are a go-to gift for all percussionists. It may not have the flair of the aforementioned MIDI Keyboard Controller and may seem a bit too practical, but drummers will always appreciate a new drum rug that keeps their most beloved items in order. On average, these rugs go for around $75 and remain in good condition for extensive periods.

Expand Their Knowledge

With his long career as the joint frontman of the band, The Roots, Questlove has enjoyed much of his time keeping up-to-date on musical history, particularly the history of Black musicians. He’s gathered over 200,000 records and has a musical memory spanning as far back as the year he was born, 1971, with Tony Williams’ “There Comes A Time“.

Thus, his love for musical history organically turned into Music Is History, a project that combines his musical expertise with a history that analyzes America over the past 50 years through its music.

Keep Their Hearing in Good Health

Metal and grunge fans alike know how detrimental it is to continuously attend metal concerts without protecting their ears. Listening to this type of music without earplugs can cause hearing loss and later lead to permanent deafness, so while this is another not-so-glamorous gift, it is one that will come in handy for all music lovers. We recommend high-quality ear-plugs geared towards avid concert goers, so they can avoid the pain of tinnitus, but also enjoy the sounds of their fave bands and artists.

Keep it Simple and Sweet

A seemingly obvious; yet, overlooked gift for musicians is a concert gift card. Remember less is more, so when you’re deciding between getting some new musical gadget for your singer song-writer beau or a simple gift card, get the gift card, trust me. This will show that you know them enough to get them something they’ll definitely enjoy and also show that you care for them enough to allow them to choose the specific tunes that they’ll love.

Let Them Bring a Concert Anywhere They Go

If you’re shopping for a producer or DJ,  let them bring their craft anywhere with a Pocket DJ Mixer. It’s compact and doesn’t require a power source, so there won’t be any future headaches about finding and buying an expensive charger. Using three auxiliary audio ports, this machine lets you mix two songs and listen to and amplify audio.

Give Them Inspiration

Any beginner or even veteran musician can benefit from returning to the drawing board and getting a refresher on the basics. And with Master Class‘ expansive catalog of classes—songwriting, singing, music production, violin, guitar, drumming–taught by the best and brightest of the industry (think Alicia Keys, Hans Zimmer, and many, many others), beginner musicians will have a great foundation to start their musical career and veteran musicians will be inspired and have an arsenal of new, innovative ideas to help them expand their repertoire. 

Revamp Their Closet

Ok, I know… I know. All musicians, whether they’re the lead singer, guitarist, percussionist, or even the producer have some sort of band tee. But more than likely those tees are tattered beyond repair or have some sort of questionable stain on them, so a musician​​ can always benefit from a new or even vintage band t-shirt. 

Plus, it’s not hard to find them, check out Good Will, Urban Outfitters, Target, or Wal-Mart, and you’ll find t-shirts featuring, NAS, The Notorious B.I.G., and of course, the Queen, Beyonce.  

 Provide Them With A Personalized Message from Their Fave Artists

This one seems like it would break the budget, but surprisingly it doesn’t. With hundreds of artists to choose from, the Cameo app allows you to gift to others personalized messages spoken from such artists as ICE  T. and Snoop Dogg for only $50. And if you really want to give a musician something to remember, you may be able to even gift them with one-on-one chats and Zoom calls from select artists that provide this option to in-app users.

Bring Them Back To The Place That Started It All

 If all else fails, bringing them back to the place that inspired them to be who they are today not only shows how thoughtful you are but how much you care for them as a person. Plus, you really can’t go wrong with a concert….Well, just make sure it’s in their genre of choice.