Kevin Samuels: Like Him or Not – 10 reasons why he’s so successful (+video)

Kevin Samuels
Kevin Samuels made a recent apperants on The Joe Budden Podcast (image courtesy Joe Budden Podcast)

Kevin Samuels boasts a YouTube following rapidly approaching a million, Instagram of 700,000 and hefty Facebook and Twitter numbers, this primped loose cannon who didn’t finish college has become an Internet sensation by being one of the most polarizing figures in cyberspace (and that’s saying a lot).

Kevin Samuels primarily makes a living telling women what to do and why what they’re doing doesn’t work.   He crushes feelings and demolishes dreams, all while looking immaculate.   However, loved or despised, his fan base is massive. 

Since December 2020 he has dominated the conversation – good and bad.   So, if this guy is offending so many – why does it play so well?  


It’s hard to go wrong when your tentacles are extended like an octopus.   The question needs to be what doesn’t Kevin Samuels do?   A quick glance at his credentials pulls up Image Consultant, Picture Specialist, Way of Life Mentor, Online Media Influencer, Dating Guru and Gender Role Guru.  The man is overwhelmingly employed.


In the world nostalgically known as the 20th Century, there was no social media, “sharing”, or the deep concern about what your neighbor thought about you and how there was somebody you didn’t know who could fix it.

  Samuels’ is the product of the now.   He’s flying cars, and spaceships to the outer reaches.   He’s immediate approval and eternal ostracization for not fitting in.  He’s the laser yielding gatekeeper scrutinizing before a pass is issued.    He’s new and nothing sells like new.


The key to modern day success is solid female support.   They’re greater in numbers and more loyal as a consumer block.  

He puts them down without remorse.    Yet despite Samuels blunt assessments of women and his borderline cruel take downs, he continues to reel in women viewers who either love to hate him or hate that they agree with him more often than not. 


Where there’s women, men will appear.     In the case of Samuels, they show up in droves.   What better way to get chauvinistic fellas on your side than to tell a woman she looks like a linebacker and has no right to expect her man not to cheat. 

  He even pandered to their vanity with a show topic, “Do High Value Men Deserve to Cheat?”   What man doesn’t consider himself as part of that group? 

Thus, Samuels appeals to the male ego and let’s face it – that’s 90% of what men are.   That plus Black men are big fans of the dozens and that’s what Samuels provides, though usually one-sided.


Kevin Samuels talks about everybody and leaves no personality unvilified.   Obviously, anybody with show’s aimed at women titled, “You’re Average at Best” and “Ladies the Older You Get the Less You Get” isn’t worried about criticism or turning off his base.   He’ll even attack his cheering section – males.  

Yes, he lets into the ladies about what he views as unrealistic expectations in being mediocre and seeking a brother that’s got it going on, but Samuels will also ask those snickering scrubs if they measure up.   Are you that top percentile most women desire or do you have work to do?   If so – better get to it. 


Kevin Samuels was initially perceived as a suave lady expert with impeccable taste in fashion.  Then he had a broadcast that allegedly showed a man sleeping in his bed.  

It went viral and put Samuel’s sexuality not only in question, but some past “evidence” confirmed him bi-sexual if not fully gay.  

Samuels vehimiently denies that he is gay yet oddly enough in the age of initials and gender re-assessment, the allegations have done nothing to tarnish his image or success.


Part of Samuels success lies in the tried-and-true winner of making people laugh.   His wit is biting.   He knows how to paint his victim into a corner and make them annihilate their own position, but mainly he’s just funny. 

Comparing a woman to a football player is one thing, but to use legendary names, quote weight and player position along with nicknames are another.  He’s got the timing and delivery of a seasoned stand up and the repertoire and ad-lib skills to keep his crowd in stitches.   Not to mention the gall and audacity to pull it all off.  


His stated net worth is $3 million.    However, since he just became a household name in the past six months you get the feeling greater wealth is on the horizon.   This makes him a classic example of the rich getting richer and nothing the fickle public likes more than someone with money.  

For some unexplainable reason people go out of their way to do things for other people who can clearly afford it just to have a story.   So, part of Kevin Samuels success is the need for others to have a Kevin Samuels story.   


Samuels walked through the door looking successful.   He projected in his mind how his ultimate persona had to appear and then showed it to us.   No development, he showed up full blown and ready to make history.   From the clothes to the grooming, Samuels just flat out looks the part. 


We live in the age of beefing, and it seems every successful person has had one.   Samuels is no exception.  His celebrated battles with Dr. Umar Johnson have become legendary.   Johnson accuses Samuels of profiting by putting down Black women who don’t look like white women.  

While Samuels blasts Johnson about his paternal entanglements and the school he collected funds for, but never built.  This rivalry has trended so much there’s been a call for a Verzuz battle between the two and in today’s society you can’t get more successful than that.  


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