Origin of the Chow Chow

The Chow Chow, breed of dog differs from most others in having a blue-black tongue. The breed originated in China and is known to date to the Han dynasty (206 BC–AD220); it is believed by some to be one of the oldest of all breeds and is genetically very close to the wolf.

The name Chow Chow is derived from an English term used in the 19th century to refer to cargo from the Orient. The Chow Chow is built compactly, with a large head and a thick coat that forms a dense ruff about the neck. The tail curls over the back or to either side of it.

The coat, which can be either smooth or rough, is evenly colored in any of various shades, most commonly reddish brown, black, or blue-gray. The adult stands about 17 to 20 inches (43 to 51 cm) and weighs 45 to 70 pounds (20 to 32 kg). Temperamentally, the breed is usually loyal to owners but reserved and aloof with strangers.

Why I love Chows

it is very unfortunate that living in Los Angeles does not provide an opportunity for a lot of Chows. I rarely see them here anymore. Without question, they probably do better in colder climates anyway because of their heavy coat and not so well in hotter climates because of the same reason. 

That’s the first thing that you have to be aware of is that you’re gonna constantly take a Chow to cut their coat down and you’re also gonna have to brush their hair because it will get tangled easily as well as brush their teeth. 

So far, I have had five Chows and I can honestly tell you they’re really the only breed of dog that I greatly appreciate. 

It all started when I lived in Atlanta, and my next-door neighbor had a Chow who was incredibly friendly, and I knew right then I wanted to have one. It took me at least another decade and a move to LA but five Chows later, they are my favorite dog.

In this article, I will tell you why I think the Chow is the best breed of dog, but if you have another breed that is your favorite,  feel free to tell me why and feel free to comment, But this article is about Chows.

If you’re looking for a Chow, you’re probably going to have to find a breeder someplace. I would suggest getting a full-bred Chow, and of course, the first sign is their well-documented purple tongue. Of course, if you go to a breeder, you will also get papers on him or her to confirm their authenticity.

I prefer to get puppies so that you can learn their temperament. I have never owned a Chow from a Kennel or rescue, and I’m not sure I would be comfortable getting one like that since I would not know much about their history.

Make sure he’s not inbred by checking the feet first. If the dog is inbred you will see really weird things like six toes. I had made the mistake of purchasing a Chow once from someone who had inbred dogs, and he was charging the full price for them. 

I knew something was odd because the dog looked like a German Shephard mix. This was before I fully understood what to look for. In addition, when I got the dog home, I noticed he had six toes on 3 of his feet and eight on the other foot. A true sign of inbreeding.

I would suggest an actual breeder because that’s going to give you the best Chow in my opinion and if you are a hard-core Chow lover you will probably end up going down south to get your dog. The breeder I went to was in Macon, Georgia, but I’m sure there are other breeders in other parts of the country too.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $8000 or more for a quality Chow. In markets like Los Angeles, you can probably make a lot of money breeding them and selling the pups but I’ve seen some really shady things happen to people who breed dogs in their homes. I knew one guy who had a gun pulled on him, and the person took all the puppies. So, I’m not keen on that personally. 

Finally, Chows can survive in an apartment, but I think they need a yard to run in daily. They have a tendency to be slightly on the heavy side especially the males so you want to make sure they get enough exercise having a backyard is ideal.

Ten reasons why Chows is the best breed of dogs.

They mimic your personality

As soon as you get a Chow, it is truly amazing how they study you and learn your personality. Once they learn your personality, they learn to work with it. They don’t necessarily mimic you, but they understand your moods, and they learn how to relate to you.

It is really interesting how they can do that, but they are truly a great companion from the time they were puppies.

In addition, who can resist a puppy, who looks like a bear they will want a lot of attention initially, and they love to play, and you’ll fall in love with them immediately when they’re puppies.

Behavior and Training

I will readily admit, girls, are definitely much easier to train than boys. But for the most part, they’re extremely intelligent dogs and learn very fast even as a puppy I have taught my Chows how to give me five, wave, lay down, and sit, and they would adhere easily. As far as training in the same situation again it’s easier to train the girls over the boys. They are very resistant, as any puppies, to leaches initially, but they learn initially what they learn, and they adapt

None of my Chows ever got into a lot of trouble going through the garbage or eating shoes or anything like that I’ve never had a problem like that so they’re very well-behaved in my experience.

Very protective of the owner.

Once you have a Chow for a while and they get used to you they become very protective not in a negative sense, but they are suspicious whenever somebody comes around or knocks on the door and they will sniff them out.

I moved into a new house once and someone tried to break in and whoever was breaking in my house, saw the Chow and got the hell out of there. I’ve always thought the Chow was so much better of alarm systems than an alarm system itself and there’s something about a big dog that literally scares the hell out of somebody over an alarm system that can be deactivated. I don’t think crooks or burglars are ever prepared for what may happen if they break into our house and run into a dog. Needless to say, I feel much better with a Chow protecting my property because while they are adorable, and look like lions are bears. They’re also very intimidating.

Good temperament

I have heard people say that the Chow is related to Pitbulls, who knows since so many dog breeds are mixed in so many ways but I don’t get the same temperament from a Chow that I get from a pit bull. For the most part, they’re reticent.

They mind their business and they like their space I’ve noticed they don’t bark a lot and they don’t always want to play or run around or create a lot of ways to get attention. I had one Chow who only wanted to sit on the porch all day and just watch people go by that was her favorite activity.

She would literally sit on the porch for eight or nine hours a day never barking, and she would just watch people walk back and forth. She was incredibly docile and cooperative and she was my favorite one out of five Chows that I owned her name was Libra.

Protect your property.

As stated a minute ago, Chows will certainly protect your property and they know how to do so. That’s what I love about them they’re friendly, but they’re also very wise and suspicious, and I stated earlier they have to sniff the situation out to make sure it’s OK for you.

They will always look out, not just for your property but also for you the really incredible thing about Chows is that they will let you know who your friends are. That may sound really bizarre but I had an experience with one Chow, my first one. Who only disliked three people that came to visit me ironically, those three people ended up not being my friend.

He growled at them, or he kept his distance from them, but he definitely did not like them, and it was not only evident to them, but it was also apparent to me they’re extremely perceptive.

Good with obedient kids

Kids can be tricky around any dogs because I don’t really know the rules so they may go up and hit the dog or they don’t understand how to pet the dog but I’ve never had an issue with Chows and kids for the most part.

Chows are good with kids or at least the ones I have owned. You have to teach your child how to treat a dog and a lot of kids don’t understand how to do that but I’ve never seen a Chow be overly aggressive to a child like a pitbull I think any dog responds to humans in the way they are trained by their owner even Pitbulls so Chows are probably not an exception.

Very independent

Chows are very independent as stated before they like their space and give him a couple of toys make sure they have food and water and they may come in for a hug every now and then are they may want to play for the most part they can just chill all day. For an entrepreneur, a Chaw is an excellent choice of dog because they don’t require a lot of attention, and they will keep you company

A sitting black Chow Chow puppy!A 12 weeks male puppy dog with a blue tongue on green grass.

Very intelligent

Chows are very smart, and they understand commands and learn very quickly. I had one Chow who loved music, and whenever I would play music by Pat Matheny she was hum along. It was quite humorous, but she loved Pat Matheny, and then I had another Chow that loved TV, especially cartoons and she could be entertained for hours with the TV on.


Chows have a very interesting sense of humor and they will keep you entertained. They do that thing where they look from side to side at you if they don’t understand something, they chase their tails and they may even dance. If you play music, they are very entertaining they hone in on your emotions and they respond to it. They are very keen on things like this.

Chows Live about 11 years

You can expect a Chow to live about 11 to 15 years depending on what size they are when they’re gone it’s very hard because having any animal that long you really do get very used to them while I’m on five.

Chows, only two of them were with me for 11 years, and when they died, I was devastated. You feel the pain when you lose one, but I have learned in the process that the best way to get over a dog is dying to buy a puppy and start the process over again.

A dog will certainly take up a lot of your time, and to a large extent, it is like having a child that never grows up but in the end. The protection they offer you and the companionship are second to none. If you get into a new relationship it can be rather tricky because the Chow has to get used to whoever you’re dating, but I’ve never had an issue with that either.

Once again, there’s a great benefit because they will let you know if somebody’s right for you whether be a friend or a significant other. Good luck with your Chow or whatever your favorite dog is. Please let me know in the comments