3 Ways to Find the Cheapest Online Colleges


Three Things to Be Aware of Before Choosing the cheapest online colleges

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” ~ Warren Buffet

If you’re looking for the cheapest online college education for under ten thousand dollars per year, an affordable online college program may be too tempting to pass up. However, the bottom dollar isn’t the only factor to consider. Accreditation, reputability, and potential scams are also significant things to investigate as you search for the best deal. Here are Three things to be aware of before choosing online school programs

Cheapest Online Colleges: Lack of Accreditation

Reputable online school programs will validate their accreditation and display it prominently on their website. If you have to do a massive internet search to determine if a program is accredited, that’s probably a red flag you shouldn’t ignore.

It would be a terrible waste of time, money, and resources to end up with a degree that employers didn’t consider legitimate. You can verify a program’s accreditation through the Department of Education. Although the government agency does not offer accreditation services, it recognizes certain agencies that do. Here is a comprehensive list of colleges that are recognized as accredited programs.

*Note: There are many agencies that accredit illegitimate “diploma mills.” The Department of Education does not recognize these. Here is a list of unrecognized agencies to be aware of.

Cheapest Online Colleges: Poor Reputation

cheapest online colleges? To finally get your online degree and begin applying for the job you’ve been preparing for, it would prove to be disastrous if companies rejected the institution from which your degree came. Bad reputations are not difficult to find. Just ask around, and you will probably get an earful of opinions. Visiting independent review sites like Consumer Affairs or Glassdoor will give you a pretty good idea of how the potential online college ranks.

Keep in mind that not all cheaper online schools have a bad rap. Many of them are legitimate programs accepted by most businesses. However, spending some time researching will pay off in the end. Read here for more information about choosing a reputable and affordable online college.

Cheapest online colleges: Potential Scams

Online College Programs that boast about degrees that can be earned quickly and effortlessly are most likely scams. Legitimate online colleges require the typical number of credits to graduate. (60 credits for an associates degree and 120 credits for a bachelor’s degree)

Websites full of errors or misspelled words may also indicate a scam. If something doesn’t look right, don’t ignore your intuition. Dig a little deeper before automatically choosing the cheapest online colleges. Consumer expert, Clark Howard, suggests these questions to ask before making your final decision.

Getting an online college degree doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive to be legitimate. However, before choosing the least expensive route, there are vital things to be aware of. Be wise by ensuring a college’s accreditation, reviewing its reputation, and eliminating scams. With the plethora of online options today, you can find the right program that fits your budget.


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