Gorgeous Plus Size Clothing and The Celebs That Are Rocking It


Gorgeous Plus Size Clothing and The Celebs That Are Rocking It

Gone are the days when being thin was in and now, thankfully, every man, woman, and human being is loving their curves. However, it is no secret that accepting one’s body is easier said than done, so today we wanted to support our readers who are still learning to love their bellies, muffin tops, and more. Here are the top 10 plus-size celebrities that have made “fat” a compliment, by giving looks in their dresses, suits, and more.


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 24: Lizzo attends the 2019 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 24, 2019, in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

Lizzo has given us so many looks that I’m surprised that she has any looks left to give. Her outfits usually alternate between bright pinks, purples, oranges, florals, and thigh-high heels or a simple; yet, gorgeous number of nude tones…literally, like, your girl is gonna be naked as the day she was born. So one thing about Lizzo is that she’s gonna show every pound of fat and make it look as gorgeous as it already is.

Gaby Sidibe

Instagram @gabby3shabby

Gaby broke all our hearts in the beloved, oscar-winning film, Precious. And haters later tried to break her heart, by posting memes and other toxic material online about her looks. However, like all courageous and confident women, Gaby remained loving of herself and continued to show off her bright, rainbow affair of style. She’s giving big, bold, and beautiful, and we couldn’t love her more.

Rasheed Yusuff

Instagram @ray-richard

Rasheed Yusuf is a plus-sized model that’ll be on everyone’s timelines soon (trust me). On his Instagram (@ray-richard), he says he is an “Advocate of positivity and love,” and we love that, but we also love his sweet street style that exemplifies that thicc thighs on guys are so in.

Danielle Brooks

Instagram @daniebb3

You’ll probably hear Danielle’s laughter before seeing her, because like others on this list, this actress is a ray of sunshine, and she brings light to all her looks. And we cannot forget how she proves on her Instagram that new moms can be and should be in awe of their postpartum bodies. Her style: comfortable; yet, chic. And her personality: everything we want, and more.

Queen Latifah

Instagram @queenlatifah

Queen Latifah shows us that beauty is not only found in fragility and femininity but it can also be found in queer, thicc tomboys. Her garment of choice: a pantsuit cinched to perfection and bright jewelry to emphasize her award-winning smile.  

Nemar Parchment

Instagram @kingparchment

The future of modeling has never looked better since this plus-size male model hit the runway in 2017. His signature look is usually his perfectly cut beard (seriously, it looks like Michaelangelo painted it, himself), a modern jacket or overcoat, and a smize for days.

Dascha Polanco

Instagram @sheisdash

When it comes to Dascha, orange is the new black (sorry, it was too perfect not to say it!), but for real this girl oozes confidence in her usual bright, skin-tight ensembles. And she doesn’t just embrace her curves at Hollywood premieres, but you’ll find her rocking them proudly throughout her Instagram for all the world to see.


I don’t just watch Jimmy Fallon for his goofy…. Albeit funny jokes, but mainly for his in-house band, led by Questlove. This artist has been rolling out records, since 1993, when he first played as drummer for the hip-hop group Roots, and he’s continued to roll out numerous hits since then, musically, as well as stylistically. While his looks can be defined as simple, his take on the color black is iconic as his music. With his signature black specs, black print shirt or black button-up jacket, and his cloud of black hair, he gives off a futuristic look. Is anyone thinking Blade Runner 2080 with Questlove taking the helm?

Nicole Byer

Instagram @nicolebyer

This girl is all about the laughs. When Nicole first came up in Hollywood on the 2013 set of Girl Code, some of us (myself included) were a little taken aback by her surreal personality, but she later grew on us with her ability to bring levity to any situation. 

Despite her lasting career as a comedian on such shows as Loosely Exactly Nicole, Wipeout, and Nailed It!, her style is no laughing matter. Nicole does not hold back when it comes to her fashion taste, so with her, more is more. Expect to see her in any combo of brightly colored suits and dresses with some animal print to pull it all together.

Darnell Graham

Instagram @dghramm

Darnell Graham was a hit on all our dashboards, when, in 2018, he recreated the A$AP Rocky Calvin Klein advertisement, with other plus-size models. His hashtag for the inclusive campaign, #WeAreBigAndTall, and our hearts after seeing it: exploding. 

He continues to spice up the fashion industry with his iconic jewelry and wonderfully ordained tats, which show off how beautiful his body and anybody can be.

We see you, King.


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