8 Best Mortgage Calculators


8 Best Mortgage Calculators

Buying a home is the American Dream; however, before buying a home, you must find a reliable mortgage calculator.

Mortgage tends to be the thing that gets in the way of most people buying and owning a respectable living space. Some prospective home buyers run into obstacles like their debt-to-income ratio being too high, so they’re turned away by most credible lenders. While others face difficulties determining how their finances stack up against the cost of a home.

However, today, we’ll be showing you some of today’s best and accredited mortgage calculators to set you on the right step to buying a place you can proudly call home.

1. Rocket Mortgage

Rating: 4.9

Reviews: 115k

Price: Free

Rocket Mortgage puts prospective homeowners in the driver’s seat and allows you to determine whether the price of a home is right for you. Key features of the app include a user-friendly loan calculator, refinancing options, and responsive bankers that’ll help you in your home buying journey.

2. Mortgage By Zillow

Rating: 4.8

Reviews: 34k

Price: Free

Zillow is one of the first apps that probably come to mind when house hunting. The application has come in handy when searching for a home within your price range and in the best location for your family, so it probably doesn’t come as a shock that it ranks as #2 on the list of best mortgage calculators. We love Zillow’s app because it provides users with mortgage rates and local lenders, making home-buying easy.

3. Loan Calculator %

Rating: 4.9

Reviews: 61k

Price: Free

While a Controversial review since Loan Calculator technically has a higher rating than Zillow’s calculator. Loan Calculator only comes after Zillow due to its less than stellar user interface. If you’re looking for a loan calculator app that provides various options to learn about home buying and rates in your area, this probably isn’t the app for you. However, if you need to calculate your mortgage in a pinch, Loan Calculator will do just that for you with its clean and easy application.

4. My Mortgage

Rating: 4.8

Reviews: 812

Price: Free

Tired of talking to unsupportive lenders and reviewing countless mortgage rates online? If your answer’s yes, I don’t blame you. Buying a house, though an exciting endeavor, is nonetheless a struggle. Creators of My Mortgage recognize the difficulties home buyers go through, so they’ve created an app to make the process easy.

With My Mortgage expect immediate and fast responses from lenders and a company that cares about making your experience great.

5. Loanzify

Rating: 4.6

Reviews: 35

Price: Free

Need help navigating through the complicated home buying process, need a team of honest, trust-worthy loan officers, or simply need an accurate loan calculator? Well, Loanzify has all that and more. Nevertheless, despite Loanzify’s countless programs, this app comes at #6 for its sometimes fraught interface and technical difficulties.

6. U.S. Mortgage Calculator

Rating: 4.5

Reviews: 182

Price: Free

One of the best features of U.S. Mortgage Calculator is its various breakdowns of mortgage calculations. With a host of graphs, charts, and more this app provides with you all the answers to your financial questions, so you’ll be in control of your financial future.

7. Mortgage Calculator (Financept)

Rating: 4.4

Reviews: 3.66k

Price: Free

Mortgage Calculator is the app for you if you’re looking to calculate numbers and see a breakdown of payments quickly. Still, this app can improve by saving information, so users don’t have to redo calculations.

8. EZ Financial Calculators

Rating: 4.1

Reviews: 174

Price: Free

Good mortgage calculators come a dime a dozen, so discovering EZ Financial Calculators is a win for everyone who has it. This app accurately and expertly calculates your mortgage, in addition to giving you the option to calculate various other milestones—other than buying a home—such as calculating your 401k, stock, bonds, and car leases.

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