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Black Top 10s, The Culture Defined Seeks Submissions


Black Top 10s is proud to announce our new website https://blacktop10s.com. We are looking for experts or very knowledgeable contributors on particular subjects of interest to our audience to post. 

We’re looking to educate, inspire and encourage our readers. 

Post can be everything from the best Black Museums to the best way to fix a credit report on your … Read the rest

The Top Ten Black Anime Characters


Who are the Black anime characters and what is anime?

Anime has been seen winning over almost the whole … Read the rest

Top 10 Black Electric bassists of All time


Everybody loves how it feels when the bass drops…but err’body ain’t able to make it happen. Here are ten of the greatest arbiters of low-end theory for your perusal.

Stanley Clarke

All hail the king from … Read the rest

Online College Courses for Working Adults


Online degrees are becoming quite popular these days owing largely to the relative ease and benefits they present.

Why be a traditional class student or leave your job for school … Read the rest