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Individuals who have dreams of obtaining a degree in their chosen fields and who do not have the resources or convenience to attend traditional campuses now have the opportunity to achieve their goals, thanks to the innovations of technology and the appropriate institutions.

An online degree is just as acceptable as a traditional degree, and it’s becoming quite common for most employers to suggest such degrees as it displays qualities such as the diligence, flexibility, and commitment of prospective employees. One major question which most individuals usually ask is the duration of these online degrees, and though they vary by discipline, some of them can be finished within really short periods depending on the commitment of the participant. Some of the fastest degrees online today include: 

Business Administration

Business administration focuses on the different aspects of managing and running a business, and pretty much anything that relates to keeping a business in business. You also tend to develop skills and ways to manage resources, and harness them to ensure seamless business dealings.

A degree in business administration is of utmost importance today, seeing as there are millions of startups, companies, small and large-scale businesses etc. You can also, with a business administration degree, decide to float your own company and use your knowledge to grow and expand it.

From grooming your business ideas, to drawing feasible plans, to knowing how to make it work, an online business administration degree will give you the launch pad and the skills to deal effectively with the treacherous waters of managing a business and all the challenges that come with it.

Computer Science

So much can be said about a computer science degree these days, as virtually everything seems to be going the way of computer scientists. From embedded systems to programable chips, and the explosion of the IoT niche. There hasn’t been a better time to be a computer scientist than now, and as our world continues to evolve technologically, the need for computer scientists can only increase.

Computer science deals with the general study of computer systems, software and elements of programming. It is a course that prepares you for productivity in any field, as you will learn the use and manipulation of everyday applications like data processors, schedulers, technology-focused apps, networking, coding, app and web design, and graphic design.

Furthermore, you can choose to “specialize” in a particular area and begin your journey to professionalism in that field. A degree in computer science is sure to give you an edge especially if you are proficient in what you do.

Holders of the first degree in computer science may decide to participate in some graduate programs online in a bid to look even better on paper.


Weird yes? You might be wondering if it is indeed possible to study nursing online. Well, it is, and there is a plethora of institutions that offer online nursing programs for interested and qualified individuals. A nursing degree today is very much coveted, given the increasing need for nurses in the world today. An online nursing degree gives the basic knowledge and skills of nursing, focusing on developing you into a qualified nurse. While you learn online, practical classes and exams are usually scheduled at designated places, to ensure that standards are met and kept. After all, what is nursing without a standard?

One benefit of this is that you will have access to great online tools that aid your understanding of certain areas like anatomy, physiology and also develop access to a network of other nursing students, certified nurses etc., without geographical borders.

The online nursing degree program is also great for professionals in the fields of medicine and nursing who intend to develop their careers and gain further knowledge or enter a specific subfield.


An educational degree prepares you for a career in the field of education, developing skills such as teaching and research. People who obtain online degrees in education can go on to become teachers and lecturers, educational researchers and can advance their careers by switching fully to the parent course associated with their field of interest. With double honors in education, graduates of online educational degrees can expect to find jobs with various employers.


Accounting these days is a technology-dependent field that has seen numerous impacts from developed technology. An online accounting degree offers so many benefits like access to tools and software, unlimited lectures and a flexible schedule. People who take online accounting courses have a twenty-four-hour access to classes and can easily go back to watch lectures as many times as they want.

An online accounting degree prepares you for a career in a wide range of fields as the basic principles of accounting are taught, together with current trends and contemporary knowledge with regards to accounting.

A firm knowledge of computer applications is also imparted, to help you flow along with the current age, an invaluable necessity in today’s technologically dynamic world.

Access to faculty members and other students is another added benefit; you can network on this, leveraging to build a career for yourself. Holders of this degree can find jobs with a wide range of employers from the health sector, the banking sector, manufacturers and indeed anywhere the services of an accountant are needed.

Graphic Design

Graphics design is everywhere today as almost every business, ad, magazine, photography, sport, website etc. all use one form of it. Projections have shown that the need for graphic designers/artists will only keep growing as more and more people need their services. This is why getting an online degree in graphics design will position you for future opportunities in getting a steady income. An online degree in graphics design covers every area of the field and gives you access to innumerable tools and software that will aid your journey to become a professional graphic designer.

With numerous videos to choose from, practical assignments with guided lessons, you are sure of getting excellent knowledge and in the shortest time possible. Enrolling for an online graphic design degree is an unbeatable choice especially when you lack the resources or time to attend a traditional campus. What’s more? The duration is in many cases shorter than that of the traditional class system and the standards are never lowered so there is no cause to be skeptical.

The possibility of getting an online degree has left the stage of “maybe” to “possible” and taking advantage of this opportunity might be the decision that helps your career improve. Online degrees are affordable, cheap, faster and of the same standard as “traditional-method “degrees.

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